The Challenge

Professional associations, a $21 billion dollar industry, encounter a major problem year after year: no data-driven decision making. This leads to a lack of success metrics, no tailored engagement strategy, and an insufficient future plan for the longevity of the organization. The result is a segmented community, an inability to leverage valuable relationships, a decrease in annual memberships, and low conversion rates from non-members to members.

The Solution

myLoop solves these problems with their community engagement platform. It enables high-impact, professional associations to mobilize their community, so that they can drive, engage, and retain its members. The myLoop methodology provides the structure and framework to empower community to move in a forward direction based on purpose-oriented objectives and engagement.

We Thought Community


Community Engagement


Data Driven Decisions


Membership Strategy

Members Impacted

Local Community Success


The myLoop Development Team is working diligently to produce the software element for both web and mobile. It’s features will produce high-quantitative metrics for associations.

Pitch Competitions

The myLoop Sales & Marketing Team built up a very compelling value proposition sharing the true “why” behind the company. This led to placing in two highly competitive pitch competitions.

High Influence

Each “myLooper” has become an expert in their field, always seeking a chance to give back to fellow entrepreneurs.

  • Engagement Strategy 90%
  • Passion for Communities 100%
  • Subject Matter Experts 87%
  • Focus on Fundamentals 94%

The Impact Was Infinite

With true passion and dedication to this project, myLoop landed a partnership with a professional association right here in Central Florida. The team is buidling tailored software elements and an engagement strategy to fully mobilize this community.

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