Our Beliefs

My actions are significant. My voice is heard.

My impact is felt. I matter.



Our Community Building Experts take your organization on a meaningful journey, getting to the root of purpose, beliefs and value, empowering your members to feel worthy in your community, resulting in infinite achievement.

Discovery Session

We gain an intimate understanding of your organization as it currently stands.


We package and deliver the myLoop Methodology tailored to fit your community needs.

Loop Software

Your community is on-boarded onto our software for contiunuous engagement.

Community Consultants

Our human connection experts serve as Community Consultants to teach what we preach.

Why join the Loop?

Increase in Membership Retention

With a magnified focus on the fundamentals of engagement, including self-awareness, self-concept, and community building, myLoop creates an inseparable bond between individual and community.

Higher Membership Conversion

We’ve developed a unique action plan to create tremendous value for the outsiders looking in. By providing limited access to guests and non-members, it gives a glimpse of the true community engagement occurring inside the Loop.

Return on Engagement

The instant and continuous engagement occurring in the Loop platform enables professional associations to make data-driven decisions pertaining to the advancement of their communities.

Chamber of Commerce

Connect Your Community

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